Belle-Terrace Presbyterian Church U.S.A
AGAPE Ministries

AGAPE Ministry at Belle Terrace hard at work.


2014 Members of the Agape Ministry are:

Lolita Austin, Chairperson

Emma Bass

Betty Swain

Alfred Thomas

Freddie Thomas

Roberta Thomas

Elease Timmons 

Agape means love—God’s love

The mission of the Agape Ministry is to be a community outreach for our church, which is how it started.  However, since our beginning, we have served clients as far south as Hephzibah, as far north as North Augusta, South Carolina and as far west as Columbia County.


From our church members and friends of Belle-Terrace Church and a few of  the local stores in our community and surrounding communities, we have received donations of food, store gift certificates, clothing, appliances, toys, school supplies and furniture.  We are very grateful to you for helping us to keep this project going and we pray that you will continue with your donations of clothing, food, etc.  We do appreciate you and offer a very hearty thank you for your support. 

On a regular basis, we send clothes to Haiti, we take clothes and bread to Freeman Personal Care Home, Daisy Vincent Personal Care Home and clothes and blankets to the homeless. We have also participated in the preparation of hot meals and delivered food to the homeless. However, our primary concern is to ensure that our local clients are properly supported from our pantry with food, clothing, toys, school supplies and furniture. 

One of our pet projects is the giving of Thanksgiving Baskets . We have given from 30 to 52 Thanksgiving baskets every year in addition to the number of clients we serve monthly. These baskets contain enough food for a family of four or more.  The baskets are stuffed with a 10+ pound turkey, several cans of vegetables and fruit, dry beans, two starches (i.e. macaroni & Cheese, instant mashed potatoes, etc.), a desert, dressing mix, gravy mix and when it is available we also give fresh produce (vegetables and fruits).

Thank you Belle-Terrace and friends.  We ask you for your continued prayers and support.  All of the things we have given over the years have allowed us, Belle-Terrace Presbyterian Church, to share God’s love.  That is AGAPE! 


May God continue to bless you abundantly. 


The Spirit of Giving - We are told to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and make new friends.  When we do this, God will provide. 

Thanks to all of you, our Church members and friends, for cleaning out your closets and giving new items for our ministry.  We can now say, "new arrivals" for Spring and Summer.

If you are interested in making a contribution to the Ministry, please make check payable to Belle-Terrace PCUSA and be sure to write for AGAPE Ministry on the bottom of your check, and drop it into the collection plate on Sunday. The Ministry appreciates all you do whether it be money, clothing, food, furniture, etc.